April 02, 2011

Work on Psalm, before any furthering indoctrination into Western philosophy and hegenomic artistic criticism.. like if I'm going be here I may as well make a good job of torturing myself, its better that than leave it to others because they're just not as good as it as I am..
The old title is better, psalm espically given the remit of 'scared and proface'.

Trevor Nelson's Soul Show, oh why oh why can't can't he put this show out everyday, now that would be theraputic.

Of course it might not be accepted, it has a very good chance though, so it what I do for a while right poems about ritual abuse, novels about MK Ultra subjects. Not that big a step. 2nd year literature course first, then a 3rd year English language... and of course the philosophy is going well maybe I should give it a bit more of my soul to classify like well fingered letters in a sorting office..

Anywho.. least I can relax a bit more knowing I'm not losing interest..
Who needs holidays, quality drink, medicinal herbs, or transport. Bastards, I stood on harbour corners in no tights wearing a bastard wire for those fuckers, I lost some very good some very well connected friends believing in bullshit made up kid traffiking investigations. Not that I was saying much to scary tribunal lady... sure I've seen her before somewhere... Fuckin Asperbergers i want a diagnosis.

Aaahh trev, you beautiful black baldy creature make me sing again...

maybe representation would of been a good idea, but I wasn't up for attempting to explain, espiacally no after some of the treatment by women's aid and the cardboard social worker. She'll be in the novel... defo