July 06, 2016

as wanted as..

Ransom isnt? Shut the fuck up about Savile and rings or you will never see the one baby we let you keep again.

Doc today was talking Occupational therapy, psychologist over psychiatry and how better we seem and thats all good but i dont when i will see Pabs again.

Its hard accepting everyone you ever loved that isnt a child have fuck all respect for us and our work.
People so fucking scared of change, so easily bought, so easily fooled by fascism as long as it makes a bit of effort to appear otherwise.

I want home. Not to any of the satanic planets of course coz we destroyed them (your welcome cunts) and released the mines but that other one.. The quality one.. You knights templar tools can keep this one .. Might have to sterilise you all though cause its so abusive down here..

What's worse than a fart in space suit folks? Vomit in your space helmet.

Vivid imagination.. At least someone here has one..

Better quality of nightmare, set outside Britain in our museum. Technical details, secret messages written on CDs.. U see only once u do something then apply a dark light, then the words on the disk can be seen. U register them and get points but you loose points to if u register the same message. All the stuff we dug up over years, and other real history stuff.. The pictorial language on the stones are still quite vivid. Was it stone? Or concret stuff.. Like on the deserted planet.. It was our building. That cheered us up so did one of our guys turning up, Polish the dream said but that might be about something else, whitish looking dude with a breard. Someone maybe him said something about someone "holding up" a motrway. Not in a holding back the traffick kind of way, in a incased in concrete kind of way, there was lots of laughter in the dream. We kept starying at one of the shapes in the stone.. Shaped like a person, in the angular simple style. Things were bad there, we were destroying stuff at times.. Ppl there who werent safe for us.

What did we do with all that Cortez gold? It wasnt for helping any flesh but this one.

2 out of 4 of the other women sleeping in this room are snoring badly but at least the lass down the corridor has stopped shouting.

Anne is around. She ez not appy..