July 12, 2016

for ze ousband

Its not like i dont have paper and pen. But we dont get much sense of a connection with anyone or anything with that. Its was good to go home and see with fresh, different eyes not the ones we had two weeks ago. It will do fine. The sense of not needing to be here along with just not wanting to is stronger. The house needs work and we at last feel ready and excited for without feeling that to do so to want to is a total betrayal of everything we are and have ever been.

Their are so many good people in here but we dont share much in the way of sense of humour, politics or experiences anything else that matters the most to us.. Good people are good people none the less though.

Bloody scared about what tonight will bring. Its getting us tearful seeing others spliff up. It would help our post cleaning and traveling pain. Definitly help with nightmares. We can hang on though. For a bit longer anyway!

It was nice being on the wee bus going through Fife in July. Took over a fucking hour though and £25  taxi ride in. Not doable everyday. Do what we can do here tomorrow and rest. See what develops.

Btw where are you you useless cunt.