July 11, 2016

Ok. Maybe the drugs do work


The dreams had us unsettled in the night but we tired enough from the early mornings and the walking we went back to sleep okay. There is nothing to be gained by "what's next" ing ourself. We have to deal with what we have, the threat of sectioning if we discharge ourself, junior under a court order and the house in Glenrothes that we need doctors permission to visit.

What utter grimness. But more hopeful grimness that we have had for a year in terms of our mental and emotional health. Talked to him today on the phone, the line wasn't very clear and we really struggled to make him out. Hate not knowing what they are telling him. Very glad they are getting him active. We know the feeling of him slipping away is natural in all the immediate and wider circumstances and doesn't mean its true. What a shitty culture we live in where we could of came into existence, where our life so far experiences could of happened, where this could be happening. To put us under the care and 100% under the power of the NHS and Scotland's child

At least we held the fuckers off until after Margo was gone so he is in foster care and not with any Johnston's.

We have another family in here who are not Johnston's and who we do not associate with all the horror.


Positive progress is positive progress.