July 21, 2016

Wrong circumstances, right direction

Highly likely the days of trying process all the massive amounts of trauma, terror and bullshit from our teeny tiny phone will soon be over. How long it will be till dude is interrupting us or sleeping soundly downstairs is another matter.. Social worker doesn't always return calls. Doesn't help. Hate the whole social worker approach of looking out for the interests of a child by not returning the calls of a loving parent. How can he observe and assess our parenting without contact, how can contact be arranged if he does not return calls. 'Quicker than they expected" he said when I told we would be out soon.. 'They' being docs who are not my consultant who went on leave and us of course, we knew with food and respite we would be much better very quickly. Nurses dont like him much. He called them to confirm what I told him over the phone when he had already been told by them..

I have emailed him now. Getting our written words to people who have horrific levels of power over us back. We are strong enough to badger. Clothes for review have been bought if not tried on. Hair dressing appointment booked, heels still to be purchased. We may even apply a small amout of war paint.. Treat it like a job interview.. Im sure we can be confident they will say something that we upset us so we will not appear too emotionaly detached.. 

Ridicoulous society.. Through and through..

Hoovered up a lot of cat hair today and made the worst of the stinky carpets better. Maybe too tired for fear.

Night Stina. Thank you for kind offer and wonderful words they give us lots of hope in many hard times.