You understand our issues with patriarchy now?

Not so positive this morning. Pain is back of course we got no weed. We couldn't help but fall back to sleep and get trapped in anxiety dreams. We doin our best though, watered and picked out slugs and snails. Mostly little things, a couple of the big monsters that I've seen so many of out there. They do so much fucking damage. Might even read up on the pellets after finding a big one on a baby petunia that we surrounded in cooper tape, its sharing a big basket with the ivy that's been in years and gives lots of cover to nasties. All our lovely lattices are basically snail nursiers which is shit but we are probs in a better place now to pick as many as we can out each day..

We keep seeing corpses being dumped in holes then trees planted over them. We are looking at the beach hedge and wondering if it was done here. Its possible and we would of been told that was done at this house but that doesn't mean it was. "This whole country is a mass grave of your kind." We certainly don't feel like we could be anywhere in the British Isles or in Europe without being far from horror sites. They often believe we can sense remains or left over terror but its a DID thing. We are shown tapes of horror happening then forced to switch so we "know" but can't remember how. So they call us a witch.. I believe there is some handing down of memories without tech or tapes but there has been so much tech and tapes and DID we are not in a place to be sure.

Its inescapable though as decent as the house and garden may be this is not an appropriate location for our retirement due to social, cultural and historic reasons.

The fairy windows arrived today. We are making a mini fairy and gnome garden at the base of a couple of the beeches. Will put up photos when we have a bit more there. Wish this wasn't skint week, wish we didn't have any skint weeks. Wish genocide and slavery were crimes that were taken seriously and not the foundations and core values of so many institutions. Wish the USA was as accepting of everyone as it claims while never actually having much of a left wing. Subtle as ever USA.

Poor programmed littles don’t understand why there is still no hugs but we know why dont we “USA”.. A nation founded on lies by creatures that didnt think Britain was sadistic and pro slavery as it should be.


Oh hurry up hash that we need to remember we have to pay for next week. Your not decent weed but you’re not nothing. Xx

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