happy sighs, dreaming of you

Indeed puss I friggin rock.

We are sighing a lot. In the garden or when we look out the window. The council have trimmed the hedges and shrubs and everything is so wonderful and green and alive. We are so glad to be surrounded by it. It helps with the ache. Reminds us that life will just grow if it can even if we don't care for it and guard it, it will keep going.

Getting really warm today we did quite a few little jobs as well as sitting drinking, smoking and watching the pair of blue tits feeding and hanging about on our pretty garden tac. Trimmed back the hedge in spot then dug up earth and put in the spare bordering we took out the top. Moved a few things into it. Soaked it and kept all the seedlings down the path wet and thinned it out a bit. Did a little weeding, swept the concrete and moved pots around. So chuffed. Few more things are almost flowering and the weather helping so much. Wish we could share it with people we could trust. The dude does his best but he's really not that interested. About as interested as I am in most of the games he plays.

Its so much better for us than being trapped in a shitty flat. Theres so many people who would kill for houses and gardens like there around here wish they all could have one. Wish the people who are them were able to appreciate what they have.

There's is no point in ruining a stunning May buy worrying about June if we can help it. The weather might not be what we have had but it will still be June. Whatever sun shine there is will be warm and some part of our wonderful lady garden will catch it. No point ruining a chilled game and blog sesh by worrying about the tenny tiny block of hash left and how even when we have the money he's hard to catch over the weekend. It kinda is though. We have left ourself some Matteus though and there is a few things we willl most likely want to do and get done. Unlikely to being making any start on the kitchen window which is really utterly filthy. You never know though. Maybe some real family will come help out. Then they can clean the disgusting window and put new sealant around the sink...

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