"...we agree S.A.D may be a factor..."

The forecasts were right about today. Mostly sunny with a shower in the afternoon. We started speaking to whatsherchops again (not the blonde one) and she texted after eight and good thing she did to because neither me or the lad were up. We put the throws we washed last night as part of the war on fleas on the line and took this one on the wash after we spraying it in insecticide yesterday. Its the pusses favourite blanket as well and we have gotten to attached to it to chuck it.

We confirmed the gardeners for next week in the morning as well. Then a delivery dude showed up. Six egg shaped candels that we decided we needed when on valium for the candelabra that only takes eggs shaped candles. They're an Easter thing and we reduced and are pretty colours. Stupid prices for egg shaped candles they were the cheapest we could find. When ended up not coming back to rest for a while after that. Cleaned the kitchen abit, looked for snails, hoover the rest of stairs we missed yesterday and the bottom hall, chopped up and marinaded the pork for tea.

She did indeed turn up as promised. Going on about not having a smoke for days and mentioning folk who gave her a smoke over the past few days and going on and on about weed when we didn't have any and she was getting pretty wasted of the solids, had us craving enough to check the bank too see we forgot about the vodaphone bill and have nothing unless it gets reversed but are gonna get charged anyway. She's still pretty stressful company and her texts still don't make any sense.

We good today though. After she left we made tea then had a beer sitting in the sun. We cant help not pick at the flaking wood protection and ended up sanding the bench. Pulled the decorating box out last night and found a sanding block, masks (which we used) and a couple of brushes. It supposed to be dry tomorrow so it could happen. Had garden paint for ages. The fucking cupboard though .... And the spare room. Or the shed room as we've started calling it. Plenty of cardboard to use when painting though..

Couldn't resist a bit of weeding either. Showered and hot water bottled and pain killered now with our blanket all clean and soft. Gotta talk the lad off the Xbox on into the shower. He's been pretty cool, makes his own scrambled eggs. Horrible attitude and tone of voice sometimes though but he's a pubescent and we are generally sensitive as fuck.

Will show you the bench if we get a coat or two on it tomorrow.

Please hurry up.

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