Last year..

This beauty is the one currently being utterly annihilated by slimies. Seeing how stunning the one whole flower we got last from it is giving us motivation to try a bit harder and then give up on it if it doesn't work..


 Still very excited about being alive and having a garden. Some tiny lobelia arrived through the post box today and changed our plans about having a lazy day. We only bought the butterfly bush last year and put the clematis in late so its yes all very exciting. Looks like we lost a fancy fern from down the bottem to the cold or being suffocated in dead leaves or both. Would be great to have the fence painted wouldn't it? If we get the blokes to loads of really expensive hard shit maybe they will be okay with doing it cheap. 

This was October 1st...

Can't wait to see these babies again.. Will weed more this year.. Probs..

See its obvious. We do good stuff. When we can.

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