May 16, 2018

I'm proud of me to Mama

Yesterday's post should probably of been called "The Dream" but its been discussed by others so much for so long and so loaded we couldn't work too much on it. Couldn't not make some proof reading effort either though. Its real to us now but hasn't been before now. We always knew that's how it worked and they could attempt to guess at its significance decades ago all they wanted. They were never going to get it. Any of it.

Today though. The first coat is done.. And its wonderful of course. Tomorrow we are gonna get more filler and brushes for the bits the mini rollers couldn't reach. Putting all the baskets back up is gonna be an absolute joy. Probs will do the wooden borders .. Soo many pretty colours. It just won't look dreich no matter the weather.

Beautiful today though. Cold wind but perfect for working in my fabulous sheltered backy. Sitting on the bench in the evening sun, drinking pink wine all sheltered and probably not putting on enough suncream is just great. Still need more of family closer but its so good to have a good May.