normal activities normal memories

Hoovered the livingroom. Its long overdue. Then sprayed the carpet, stairs and throws with flea killer coz the place is proper crawling.   Then took the shinny new bypass secitures to the monster hedge where its growing over the fence and the neighbours dilapidated shed. They were sharper than we thought they would be and went for it for a little bit. Totally knackered ourself and had to order food on skint week could not deal with cleaning kitchen and cooking to.

Its frustrating when mentally we are up for getting shit done but our body has us back under the duvet unable to move. Memories of secetures being used to cut of the finger of a living child. Well gardening or not gardening keeps a constant flow of that kind of stuff. Harder to manage when we have over done it.

We remembered our meds though and had shower, offered dude some reading time but he turned us down possibly for the best considering the nik we are in.

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