Can things not just get better without getting worse first?

Not feeling so good now... Crazy vivid creepy disturbing dreams when we fell asleep again after filling out some more ESA form and we are horribly sore and can't find the pill that means of course its gonna get heaps worse, on top of the clingy cold symptoms and the achey hands before we can some more on Monday.. Just so AARG.. Monday haircut.. Hopefully to. Next week is a new shinny week with stuff we need to do and want to do planned. And today is Friday and weekends much less have tos and shoulds so that's cool. Some embarrassing self awareness exercises with the form until then.

Its gonna get better. Gonna live somewhere that doesnt trigger us so badly and so everywhere, eventually gonna enjoy walking again. Gonna get ma phone and ma tunes back. Gonna get the fuck out of Fife. Maybe even gonna experience the wonderousness quality of life enabling benefits of weed again.. Hey maybe we will get the prescription oil at some point and get permanently off the baccy. Definitely gonna feel better, once we get somewhere have emptied this place, filled the new place, found shops, school, docs that are off some use.. Ug.

Gotta laugh. When your not weeping..

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