One day a visit to the GP will not result in lots of crying

When we said we wanted a different anti anxiety she said great because they should never ever be prescribing diazepam long term. Talked about the anti anxiety quality of the antidepressants we are on then gave us the same teeny tiny doze very small quantity of diazepam.. We can't separate its effectives from rapists and traffickers wanting us to stop crying and smile. We have tried so many fucking times to explain this to GPs but they don't listen, don't believe, don't care. It we have time we might try going back to another one before we go. We just want a sense even for a moment that someone gives a crap about the shitty quality of live we live but if we get the same treatment from someone else again its gonna hurt, its gonna knock us back its gonna fuck up whatever else we need to do that day coz we will be all tiny alone and crying. Or we will find the decent one we keep half remembering and will feel so shit at the crap we have been exposing ourself to because we are to programmed and fucked up to protect ourself from inappropriate treatment.

When we mentioned the ESA, the notice, migraines, the hands, the lack of sleep, the constant nightmares we got very little response if anything. She said "good" when we said we were off the cannabis. Yeah it's great being to sleep for four hours at a time if we are lucky and terrifed to sleep because the nightmares will fuck us up for half or sometimes all of the next day, it's a positive thing we are taking more codiene, also really positive that our immune system and asthma is getting hit with the extra fags we are smoking, and best of all its a good thing that we wake up and feel shit and weak and just want to cry rather than glad to be alive and hopeful about what we will achieve that day.

After many years of asking and telling docs about it we were given something for the sensitive irritable bladder though but the busy understocked chemist didn't have it in so we will have to pick it up another day. Bitch from next door was leaning on the counter we when signed the prescriptions and probs did her best to read as much as she could. That fucking super speed voice of hers. We will be so glad to be away from it, it makes us feel so fucking sick.

GP also said "no chance" when we asked about CPN. Think our one and another have retired and another have retired and haven't been replaced. They are only taking "serious cases, like schizophrenia.." Almost cried in front of her then. We didn't though. It wouldn't matter most likely anyway we are not the type they hand difs, sleepers and 10s over to because we asked and cried a bit.

Wanna a caring professional who takes us seriously. It would help me and my ability to parent out a lot. Maybe lottery tickets would be our best chance.

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