..keep ticking..

Aye Niki soonds great stealin the philosophy an intellect of a those millions o murdured folks an keep buildin yir hooses an shops an eye sores o parliments on oor remains.. Am sure all those rich fascists across the globe will have nae probs with that since they used Scotland ti slaughter an annihilate all opposition an rely oan the breedin fur aw their authorities. Job done eh hen. Time for the pay off coz cunts that work wi an use vacunt Satanics an ancien progroms o slavery an torture an rape fur genocide an total control ovar evrythin are dead reliable like.. Yi goat fuck all frum us. Shame like just a wee sign o life an heart in yis an Scotland could o been mazing.

That house in Amsterdam that we, I or one of us or several of us couldn't get out of with our eggs in the basement had a front room that was used for hanging up and drying baby skins. Some aristocratic woman was being shown them and said she liked the black ones, it was then the puking in the cupboard happened. They heard but there heads were annihilated by their cultural practices so was easy to make them forget they heard anything. We eventually manage to bolt out the front door when a bunch of blokes came in to drop something off or pick something up. We overheard them saying something about us not getting far but we've been hiding from police and military and their helicopters since we were toddlers. We did indeed get far. Its a port in Europe after all and merchant sailors are easy intimated if they happen upon you asleep in a cornor somewhere. Still ended up back here though..

Interpol reckoned there was no need to take action over baby skins or anything else in that house.

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