June 06, 2011

Money day tomorrow thank fuck..

Got help with the disability form, marched over there and felt at bit asthmatic, sore, unstable by the time I got there. Good to attempt some sort of honesty about the depression. Now that I dont spend everyday glued to the sofa or under the duvet it easier to admit that I am like that, sometimes. There is no job out there that that would be worth the stress. I don't know where to look at the moment but that could change. I don't want it nearly enough at the moment. Just you and me babe!

'Work' Have I not 'worked' enough in every bastard connotation of the word. I love to be more useful though but I don't mind feeling like I have done my bit. Even if I don't have the paperwork or phone numbers to prove it. Duty to the one in hand first and try not to question anything I do for myself, trust me. There is no other option.

Life is much more pleasant when I have bread though.