June 02, 2011

time to twitter?

I could help me strech my voice, little and often, keep chipping away one day you will wake up with a masterpiece... Or at least something approaching functional.

Boyz asleep, got up at 4 and had a busy day, chances of him making it through the night slim, very slim but I should be free at least until I start feeling knackered, he'll get up then, bless 'em.

Mas picking up her keys today, really glad their moving down here. It was totally obvious it didn't work for any of us up there. Sometimes you need to give up on changing yourself and just change your enviroment. It's much easier and will bring about some change.

Working on another poetry compition entry, back to my instrumentalism. No news about song, could be a wee while yet, I want to see it in print sooo much. I wasn't expecting it with the first 3 but with this one it's different, it's long a later draft of the 100 line submission for course, they gave me a distinction. It's got the line about there being a cornor in every Holliday in that will be 'forever me', I do lap up my WWI war poems but resent them, for being taken seriously. Their plight and their work. Someone will publish it I just really want it to be in notes from the underground. It was seeing that that on a bus when we went to london for the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party really that got me fasinated in being an underground writer. I couldn't stop daydreaming about it. I told Jordan from NKOTB about it in my head when they were on stage. I was sure he was dancing for me so I told him he was my favourite but would never say because he was Rose's favourtie and I could never agree with her because she was weird and probably a bit bad. He smiled from ear to ear.

Actualy typed up some notes from notebook, and found the novel chapter headings. They didn't make as much sense as they did...

Fuck it, Daffodil Tweets