June 20, 2011

So far she hasn't shunned me yet...

for sending her an email about child sacrifice and my alcoholic father that was meant for someone. Well, its certainly an ice breaker, I don't need to worry about what she will think about it all.. I overuse disclosure as a way of testing strangers, not as bad as I used to but still have that urge. Especially in polite or formal situations. I start fantasting about talking about horrific injuries, who they treated children and the way it undermines everything that is upheld. Especially job interviews.

Lots of communications from the man from match.com. Hence the mistaken email, christ the things I do when I have no spliffage, scares me heaps. I'm definitely telling him a lot more about me than he is about him, but that might not be a bad thing. We share a lot in outlook, my scared brain worries that its dangerous because when things are going well, problems come out the blue at me.

I'm taking a break from studying after the philosophy exam. defo. In general I don't believe in the approaches taken by Western academia in regards to anything but don't have the energy or commitment at the moment to use their own arguments against them. Focus on typing the abuse, tweeting little a birdie in spring. Praying for disability allowance..