askin for fags..

It wasn't an easy descision, to tap on her door. But it had to be done now as the later it got the less it became feasible. I figured this option was a lot easier than the others in terms of effort requiered by other people. My friend has already bought be milk, tea and donughts today and my mum is knackered and miles away. She looked terrified when she opened the door, it occured to me that because I had just had half a spliff she might take me for a murderer even though she's my neighbour and we chat whenever we see each other. The look threw me,I hate asking for anything from anyone, words failed me.
'What's the matter?' She said urgently, with that expression she used when she talked about people that pissed her off. It then occured to me she thought something horrific has happend to my son.
'I've ran out of fags.'
'Well go the shop and get some then.' She motioned with her thumb in the direction of the shops and smiled.
'He's in his bed.'

So I go two Spanish import Mayfair, considerably better than nothing.

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