June 01, 2011

my room is pretty again

no crisps crushed into carpet, still some poop stains on the chair to remove but I can do that when I scrub strawberry sauce and fuck knows what of the carpet. My dark blue carpet, and operation bedtime was successful, as far as I know. Really don't feel like hitting the essay though. It's not a subject I can hash on with, biological determinism. Little bits, could work out well and I had a go at the introduction earlier on. Not in the mood for poetry, too snotty for poetry. It doesn't work with a cold just sounds stupid. Like someone using floral language to tell you your saked.

I had an almost seriously thought about taking all my notes seriously, typing some up, organising them. So I can go back on work on them. If I'm to be a writer then that is what I have to do but something heavy and dark gets in the way, something thats becoming lighter and weaker like I could almost walk right through it.

I would be good stuff but thats not enought to get me to do it. Forget about selling it for now, organise it for myself then reasses. Will need new chair..