June 08, 2011

Twitter addict.

I'm just practicing at staying up late at the keyboard for the late shift I'm going to have to pull of tomorrow as I'm helping mum flit on Friday. Both things momentous in there own way. The essay should help me catch up enough to make a proper attempt at the next module and not just tap something together at the end. The move, well no more Christmases up there.

No more listening to that house rot as the graveyards on either side stretch to reach each other. The only thing getting in their way is a rat run. It was difficult to end a poem their but I think I did it. Maybe I should just put them up here, but I don't know it is a kind of publishing which can mean disqualification from some competitions. I think 'Anti Matter' is almost there, in a way. There was a specific mention to the Arab Spring that I've worked in better by taking it out but still haven't replaced it with the right sense of revolution in the air sentiment.

It might go back in again. Still want to go back 'Song' but still waiting for NFTU, starting to get impatient. Maybe they didn't even get it and all that sort of impatient fretting. Oh god plz plz print it! Don't me work to find a publisher I will if I have to..