June 09, 2011

Where are my communicatio skills?

I used to get good marks for 'communication' at school, now I don't have the will or the ability. To busy thinking I know it all wish I could be arsed to prove it like I did in my teens. Writing essay's is shit when you have done fuck all course work. I took me a while but I think of Social Darwism as liberating. Feminism is the genetic responses to the cultrual climate. We are all dorment, waiting for the right enviroment to show our true colours. There was a fair bit of it at the scientific end of Satanism. It's truma and stress that turns genes on or of. I argued education and safety would do the same but they weren't interested in the same genes I was. They were all about breaking bonds, I was about making more of them and making them stronger. Annoying now that the kids that followed them will have a lot more 'bonds' in their life than I do.

There was a tweet today about capitalist being really bad at capitalism. That was explained because the bottem line is not money, its oppression, its politics. 'Satanism is politics in its purest form', cause politics is all about making your voice louder than others. So cutting out tongues and damaging language centers is therefore rational. Of course they same stability arguments used to prop at Arab dictators was used to prop up white drug dealing, child killing, porn producers and to delete my police records.