Flowers in the window

Thinking about trying to write properly about the importantness. Makes sense to do more blabbering first before attempting to treat with all due and required very serious seriousness.

We have to not die. We were told this by peoples and life who weren't slavers from everywhere. We've kinda tried but we are so used to keeping anything real that isnt slavery so deep its not going to be easy to coax them out now.

Check the difference though. All the things we couldn't think about we've published. Those vulnerable states are no more. The phobias and trapped emotional part they made sure we couldn't move beyond, we've moved beyond.

The details of previous efforts to deal with the total slavery that considered it self universal but didn't know how much more there is, another scource of inter satanist strife wether or not to look beyond and then what to do if anything else was found. Another one of the jobs they tried us on. But they never could, would be capable of understanding when we told them in great detail that I had not be made in hell to destroy heaven I had been made in heaven to destroy hell.

That seemed the best way to think about things when we couldnt think properly. They non evil peoples and forces varied on how much they would talk to me about how horrible we were going to be treated and how difficult it would be to not die. How I would to great amazing things that would save and dramatically improve the living standards of many many people but it would not help me here. The determination systems and technolgies, the tech that fucks with your mood and makes you hear things, the installing of controlled DID in people through tortoring them lots as babies and regular torture there after, the supremicists plans, the different lights and energiers and what the satanic masters knew, what they had done with what they knew and what they didn't know, the vast networks, the entire machaniry was laid out to us and explained to us over and in different ways with different emphaisis using different ways.

Supremist v supremist had wiped out a fair bit of the highest levels already long long ago but it had happened in a way that had serious benefited some areas, making them pretty much untouchable. Yup. Here.  It presents itself as just another slave planet but when you start looking into it shit doesn't add it. This shit hole might to origins of it all. Anything before that set it all up and forced it on everyone is very much long gone. And there is reasons or there were reasons why this place couldn't just be called a loss, written off and mourned. Not just the slaves from places whose cultures are non based in torture, exploitation and predetermination but we and the systems they have us in are a big part of why this pretty but infested rock is still a thing.

Putting right so much that has been so wrong has been very wonderful at times and free others and taking others home gives us so much hope and faith that it will be us one day.

As far as we remember the supremacists are seriously running out of active systems over us. There's some ancient Scottish shit that has been quite a solid base for so much else over centuries but we are not scared nothing is all that once you isolate it, we got everything or our checklist of things to do done. We have grown loads of flowers. We figure out best way to show pictures of them soon.

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