Free Berwick

We didn't have that same dread over coming back. First time for this lot to be returning from anything other that inpatient psychiatry to Johnstonlessness.. It went well. Really well from the perspective of our anxiety and panic levels. It was Berwick though and we could spot the lack of anxiety over the area when we choose it. Not quite England. Not quite Scotland. The boat tour guy said his wife wasn't happy about not a vote during the indy ref. Quite right to. It's Berwick of course it should of got a fucking vote. Of course we don't have much sense of why we give a fuck about it, we didn't expect to feel less wary or more comfortable with the people. All lot of Newcastle way accents and we were reminded how the Borders accents sound so similar when you haven't heard either in a long time and that we quite like them. We reckon there is fair amount of resentment in the North of England that they are excluded from the vague hope of Scottish independence and really should be Scottish. What a nation that would be.. Don't know about Liverpool but couldn't deny them the choice.. So where's my army?

We never had any plans on taking the bairn to the Holy Isle but did make it to Alnwick far to late for any of kids activities but he was happy just to be there and get bubble gum and marshmallow ice cream and a plastic knights sets.

It's good to feel tired from walking, travelling and doing stuff instead of endless trauma processing. It's occurring at some of the shadiest pits of our mind that light is either starting to reach them or will, that there is and can be a "them"..

We dreamt last night that someone said they liked our new hair cut. Thank you.

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