August 27, 2017

not your dirty little secret

Old timey pain levels.. Remembering Wish You Were Here and Money. Proper therapy. Someone finding the straight jacket and how we had to get over some stuff to put in on "..not like anyone here is gonna try touch those buckles.." didn't need much encouragement to show our tanned furry legs once it occurred to us to do it.. Having all those shoes of the right size to choose from to borrow to go with the furry legs and the straight jacket.

Never tell your Dad.. Never tell Tupac.. one after the other we took each one part and either told them, got someone else to tell them or arranged for them to told over the last year. All the worst traumas. All the worst of the ongoing and future plans we shared because we could with everyone there to help us and because we had to feel better. And indeed we do feel better.

We saw our friends. Our amazing non humaniod friends and humanoid ones to it was fantastic.

Our daughter breaking when she given the "not enough time left" brief. Then coming back together cause her Daddy and lots of people that love her and she safe with were there.

We knew when after communing we are gonna be okay. That home is people not places and that we are gonna get home but it doesn't look good for the slavers and their tribes.

It was perfect fighting weather. Made it easier to be on the ground mostly in the one place instead of being elsewhere and being able to know everything that was going on in real time. Also helped that no one else was overseeing either though. Everyone was there. We couldn't of been happier and its good to be able to start to remember little bits of what that was like and the actual fighting but its always hard to remember were are less traumatised dissociated and more bored and autopilot dissociated is not good either though because you start get thirsty for a challenge and that can lead to risks being took.

He's on his way. A while yet though. It was important and he needed to do it and it was too dangerous for him to do anything else. But it went fine and he's on his way home.

Laura at some point said "Don't let Amanda in" and made me promise she was obeying some voice they had her and weren't letting her go because she was as close as they could get to me. It was horrible to see but it reminded us of everything we went through in and from Skene and we knew we couldn't help her.

What they were doing to her was everything we were fighting and we had tried very hard and forgave a lot to try and get her fight for herself and her kids, the kids but she wasn't able to even hear us. Nothing good came of it.

It's so good to not still be in all that all the time any more.. so fucking good.. we need to stay vigilant though there is going to be a lot of very pissed of people but they are pissed off people who are waiting for orders that arn't gonna come and they have never done a thing without the orders, the protection, the massive support..

If we clean this place up maybe our parents could come visit!!