..very pressed..

Ok we managed a picture and a couple of sentances worth of notes and it was soo fucking hard which makes navigating and not panicking the not blogger menus really really fucking hard.. Wee starts though. Thats how we got here with the constantly lifting amnesia, the decent benefits and the not currently being raped..

The current idea is still more grown up developed coherent structured writing but also art from the us youngers and wot nots. Been trying to reclaim the tablet for this. Deleted over a hundred accidental screen shots and about thirty game apps. Gonna go back and take off more. It's our's. It's is okay to have something that is just ours and think those that need it will be more comfortable with it if its just ours and just stuff we want and need for us.

Coming here and seeing what comes up has become such a habit now that we have forgotten what it's like when every fucking word is a battle against quick sand. We did know it would be though.

The gob mould is getting a bit better. Would be a lot better of course if we didn't smoke spliffs.. it is forcing us to smoke a bit less and that is a good thing because we are really struggyling to not smoke lots and lots partly why of course for the pie hole penicilian of course to..

We can do it. We need to do something other than smoke and wait.. Little bits at a time until our brain starts to remember how to work better and starts testing to see if its safe..

Okay thinking about it like that is more motivating.. Not like we are gonna stop coming here to drink wine and natter and work through shit without dissecting  to deeply anyway.

We get almost a bit excited sometimes thinking about possible futures we are not there yet though but computer says soon.. 

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