August 25, 2017

infinite lives on the stupidly impossible game im addicted to..

Little tiny bits at a time. It's working and we are confident we can keep it up. It's note easy but how we feel the rest of the time often is. There is less crippling depression and freezing anxiety and triggers. We just need to organise what these parts have gathered and survived and forced out here. Think another site is where we are going. We need it to be. We've tried but we can't write as in carefully choosing words, forming sentences and organising using formal officially happened education skills instead of the venting and freewriting basic mental health outlet that this is. To join the "allowed to exist" and the not allowed to exist parts of our brain which is the larger part of course.

Its so good to not feel needs that we know will not be meet. Moony's lessons on how to be and not be ruined by the truth or deny it either and still feel good are invaluable.

To be able to be in touch with that really important really early really central to us stuff again is so lovely. It's war based but not abusive. All or nothing against the powers that be that enslave and execute total control over and/or total physical or emotional and intellectual destruction.

It isn't our job to explain or convince any readers of anything its about fixing our brain using whats available to us and not so we can save Earth but so we get remember some way to get me and lad off it. There are efforts to make Earth livable for me and mine but as you can see the systems to keep things horrible here are working at something approaching full speed. If our writing and publishing helps other people help us thats great but we can't have it in mind when we write it doesn't work..

We are burning through the weed and its lovely. Everything they needed to happen to us either didn't happen or didn't go down like they expected since sometime in Dundee. They stuff they have planned, have done and are doing to people we couldn't get to or couldn't wake up is all going down with bugger all resistance.

Get it into heads decent folks of America. Waste swathes of Britain, rank & file, civilians, statesmens, journos fucking across the board knew about the Brexit Trump plans for fucking years and were very much against any of us telling any of you in any way about it. Seek ye cheeky Ruskies they always have tonnes of good stuff and are big fans of the barter systems..