August 23, 2017

New Day

Read too many slavery mentioning memes on twitter. If someone sold your children would you would want statues of them? No. Also wouldn't want them to have high profile music industry careers or still be allowed in the Whitehouse in the 21st Century either. We just want to smoke weed and play on our phone but we are out of weed and lives on our favourite games.

Its been so much better in general recently though.


Even better know with the weed and game giving me extra games..

It's not we went on twitter for the reasons people went on twitter. We knew they were going to force us onto social media as a method of triggering us when they didn't have the support for direct abuse any more. Another lot used it as an excuse to put us down in general to make sure we didn't get too lucid online too often and to remind us of our place of course.

We could never really shake either of them. We need redo the blog front page. This quite a fucking thought. Want to try write more and draft more instead of how things are usually done. Long, long journey since the first post in 2010 but it is ours and only ours now when it wasn't before and we need to show and work with that..

Still Daffs though. She experienced enough decentness and kindness and humour on twitter to not despise Britain and every single mutherfucking one of its residents so we need her! She does need to know that is not what she is for though and that is hard because was the the completlty amnesiac unable to believe any truth that they made and that is amazing and her awesome achievement so hopefully being off twitter is going to help her appreicate that and herself better.