February 11, 2016

80s snippets ( multi generational trafficking)

"The adults are playing dress up again. You probably want to hide."
"Their so stupid I will never be like that." The other three agreed.
I tried not to know so much that they probably wouldn't because they would be dead.

"Whoes in charge of the games?"
It made a big difference to what would happen, who to and how easy or impossible it would be to run or hide. Some kids were legends for running and just not stopping until they dropped and that could be days.

The twins had a book. It was horrific and it terrified us for good reason it was about using torture to control someone, about creating and modifying DID. They boasted that there was hardly any in print anywhere. It looked like a normal oldish hardcover thick book. They left it lying around because I let them think I was to scared to go near it never mind touch it and that was only partly true. We threw it in the open fire, I think we might of poured fluid for Bills zippo onto to we didn't know what we were doing we were so driven. It caused a chimney fire. I blamed the twins because and was believed because they were troublesome teenage boys. There were mad about it of course saying we were in big trouble and would regret it. There was a moment when one of them seem genuinely terrified about what their Dad would do. We weren't that scared of him we knew not to be conscious around him and left it to older tougher parts. They were always saying what they were going to do to me usually using words and phrases we didn't understand but knew were very bad and boasted about who else was involved but we knew that meant they were boasting about the people that raped them. They fucking hated it when I said they were victims to and still did 30 years later.

She looks so chubby in those photos when we remember nasty bouts of hunger.

They led the older girl away, she was all sleepy and left me in the room with the twins. No one looked back. The twins faces were purple with rage. We knew it was going to be horrible and last a long time. I think I was four.