What exactly am I supposed to do with all this?

Not just the cancelling of the referral to Dundee but the writing about the risk to Gracie and Tommy that would cause the risk to Gracie and Tommy. It was a bloke we are seeing telling us this, from here we would say he is the counsellor but we keep seeing the GP as well. The location is fuzzy in a way that we know often means there is serval locations and different ring members repeating the same shit.
You do know that most of the content of the most of the blog post was programmed 10 20 years ago and we werent fighting it coz we were in a place where we didnt think it was possible that we would be here now?
He got that inpatient look we saw in blokes a lot.
Who by?
You put all that effort into making sure we cant know who we are then ask questions that we could only answer if we really knew who we were. Your as bad as Jacqui.
Think he got really nasty here and the second time with the second similar bloke tried but we were expecting it and knew they were having communications issues so he wasnt expecting us to expect it. We said scary stuff and acted all big till he ran away. Then we lay on our bed and cried and hurt and was terrified for the bairns and the future we would have if the only way we could be safe for a while was by being scary and pretending we werent really really sore. Then we remember the people we had not been scary with recently and glad that could be scary enough to make them run away and felt better, enough to almost sleep but not properly, not with everything that was going on and had recently happened.

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