..a lot of chuckies..

Quite exciting.  After the lad came home and Skyrim wasn't an option we worked in the garden.  Racked tonnes of chuckies, ripped out the rotten wood, put the ferns in a temporay planter, dug some then put in new much nicer much stronger wood edging, then raked tonnes more chuckies. It has always bugged me the rotten plants that had been put in to create the levels. One of them was long gone when it crumbled when some one stood on it. The depth of the accumulated sliding chuckies was pretty ugly. Now there is a proper level right across, we worked really hard. They are not perfectly straight or anything but they are deep enough in and are sturdy.  It was 40 quidish and free delivery for them, they are exactly what we needed we couldn't click away from that.. Supposed to rain tomorrow morning but we will see about the evening. We need to be hoover up all the mud we have trapesed down stairs anyway and do something about the kitchen floor..

CPN came round today. We had lost the appointment card but knew it was something past 11 of the something teenth. Glad we got it out of the way today.. She didn't mention what must of been quite a big smell of weed but we had the kitchen not to bad anyway and she was very impressed with the garden, said it showed decent mental health.  She brought up the olanzapine, not to say we should be on it or anything it was more about how well we are doing without.  We made an appointment to see her in two months and get the impression she would be happy not coming back after that. Social work arn't going to say the say same though because we are not any better at taking the alf out and are not likely to either without assistance. We just can't be arsed finding out whatever triggers this one and this face will bring. What ridiculous things she is going to say. I'm happy for dude to natter them for a while and for them to get him out but I wish they way stay away from us and wish even more of course that he had someone to do stuff with him that was not toxic AF for us.

Do you want to know what has been order and mostly dispatched?

Well. There there has been a thing of three mixed clematis for ages that we have on our lists and we decided after going through skint and weedless week and then being sorted just to do it. They of course need something to climb to so we went for a lot of free willow arched trelllis, they needed planters to of course cause that digging is back breaking and coz there is only so many roots we can put in this ground at one time, so many pretty coloured cheap plastic troughs to choose from.. Coz we are having issues with overindulgance at the mo we also order a pair of feat shaped stepping stones.. We can see us buying more stepping stones.. we remember some of us having a thing for them for them in the past to and that was lovely as well as emotional.. It would be good to have a path to the bench that was not a nightmare in bare feat but there is the the new areas we have made ourself as well though..

Think we might have to go google amazon some more..but not spend coz there isn't much left as it is and we will probs need pink wine if it stops raining..

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