..what more do you want Quine. We are doing are best by you here..

We took washing off the line and other stuff out, put the newest stuff in the machine. It is lovely, thick and the colours really vibrant. The sun was came out and we sat on the step for a little while but the wind was freaking us out so we came back in, brushed, flossed our teeth and washed our face then came back to bed. Feeling all shaky we can't eat. We did lots of that last night when drunk. Think we will manage to cook for him later if not us. There is been stuff come up about "armed forces day" but the set stuff up for most days. The military involvement though, the switch from British uniform giving us very mixed feelings to just bad and sad ones.

Dumbass soliders are going to find it much easier to believe people who are their superiors and who look like what their superiors normally look like that people their superiors are telling them are the enemy.  So many conflicting needs and ambitions from people who are used to always getting their way. Our child flesh and needs in the centre of it, everyone's "other" that need to keep all the otherism going. It's not our problem that your science has been horrendously controlled for a very long time so that none of it is valid. Everything else the same, that whatever the origins everything is either annihilated or broken so it fits the supremacies and becomes another tool.

The wind is freaking us out. We wish we were not alone with a bairn here. It can never be safe or happy and we got tired a long time ago with the reasons we were given by those not directly involved in it as to why this is.

I love Daddy. I love you Mummy. And Gran I love you to. It's not just the people not being here that hurts us its also that they can't be here because there is too many too bad people who will do horrible things if someone stayed or we left.

Gran would helps us break it down. That there was only ever one real option for our side and that is to get us out of here because we can never be who we are down here because there is only violence for us down here and we are so much more than a victim who fights. Hurry up Gran. I'm not too scared any more I know enough.

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