June 03, 2017

Operation Cherry Tree

A couple of tiny plants arrived today and they are still in their box.. We are in a place with the garden where we can sit in it and enjoy it but can't imagine wanting to lots of work in it. It's obvs just where we are at today. Woke up late, like 12ish but wasn't in state from dreams or soaked through. Wish we could just hide in Skyrim for real forever. We a adopted a girl yesterday, then accidentally got involved in launching a large scale assault on the town where our house is. So we went back to an earlier save.. fuck that.. it would of lead to game content we haven't seen before but still.. fuck that.. we will have to earn more influence and try and find a peaceful solution I'm the bloody dragonborn I can't be getting involved in shit like that! We've to find out about the demon hunter people and the Vampire hunting group. Fuck yeah. Lol. It does mean that once again we have to do the initial joining of the Champions shit. Every fucking time we fuck up and have to go through the initial joining the Champions shit multiple times.. Walking away from a lot of the main weird quests until we figure out more and unless to hopefully to help more people.. fictional people who give you cool stuff in return and offer to fight for you but when they are killed for it you can go back to an earlier save and protect them better.

Been here before with this game. Worry about how to do best by fiction children while real ones fend for themselves. He did come through early this morning but its Saturday and after a week of having to force ourself to get up and be parenty its not gonna happen on the weekend much. We did put the washing line back up as soon as we got up and saw the time. Got us new bedding. We can ditch the last of the ones that we bought in Dundee. Alf will need to wait for his other set we have no money left. We spent it on hash because we couldn't bare the thought of having nothing there or buying an amount that meant in a day or two we would be backing to stressing about whether we should buy and all the rest of it.

That fuck for it. Skyrim and the Garden. Thank fuck that whatever went down at Nintendo wasn't going down at Bethesda. Quiet conversations and giggles during quiet times instead of more horror during the worst. Japan. Getting all imperial again. We can be manly men to you know!! Fear and be enslaved by us to! Cunts.

Hence the tattoo. When they have taken everything except our vision and the sense that your flesh is your flesh.

We see the whiskers of our dragon on our arm and its enough to trigger Chinese comrades, Chinese skills, the only thing that could match the Japanse shit and give anyone any hope against it. Any hope against it at all is to defeat its main aim. There were times when they kept putting us in positions where we couldn't see our tattoo at all but they kept looking at and that gave us enough of a sense of it to survive. Chinese systems to tend to need and demand to hear personally and clearly from us though and have zero interest in any general decreeing we do so yes China there is nothing else we need you to know, there is nothing going on that you need to worry about fucking up. We obvs can't contact direct but folks that know us can and would if needed so don't worry about the unknown unknowns. Just bloody do something..Of course we are saying the same to Tibet and everywhere else.