Wednesday morning

If it was sunny it might of pulled us out quite early today. We have small perennials to evict from the only planter that would fit the willow obelisk which arrived yesterday and is fucking stunning. The clematis does need out its little pot, it was the strongest of the three when they arrived but as its the pink one and the other two are white and purple and the pots they were yellow and purple of course we the pink had to wait for the willow round pyramid.. We had spending issues last week.. We are quite good at filling our basket and then cutting it right back but there is 3 metal silhouettes of fairies on sticks and ... da da daa da da dah! a fucking washing line pole that we have needed pretty much since we have got here. There was a half broken one for a while but that was stood on like two years ago.. We have literally having to limbo and dance around clean washing whilst covered in mud and cat poop. Not clever..

Looks like the obelisk is gonna perfectly fit that planter. It's quite exciting. Hope the pernnials that are in there survive the move, can't remember what they are called but the variety is "rainbow" and they are pre flowering if not particularly happy cause we didn't replace enough of the soil after jess taking it over the year before last. Last night when we were knocking back the mattiess we couldn't it would take five stepping stones to get through the chuckies to the bench. We used the other two on the other side for washing putting up and looking lovely. We will have to tweet photos of them so we can easily put them up here. We love ferns and one of them has ferns on it.. Haven't ordered any garden stuff. We put a big asda shop in and a good bit of weed, its the middle good week.. and new bedding for junior. Including a new duvet, another one of those we want to replace that but there is parts that are scared and told not to things but know they feel better so we can..

I don't know how many times and to how many people, repeatedly or otherwise we have said we will never blog or talk about our twins. To finally do so without heavily relying on amnesia levels and we are beginning to feel the relief. Although we don't expect to start dreaming much better any time soon or not feel exhausted or terrified of the UK and vast swaves of the planet. There is palpable hope though is we avoid the TV and social media. That fucking tower, the fucking right wing and useless rest. Its beyond tedious now.

Palpable hope though.

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