June 25, 2017


She is definitely better that Elaine. She isn't involved in white power groups, almost certainly doesn't abuse and allow others to sexually abuse her kids and when we said we had woken up to no baccy and no weed she came round with some already rolled.. Feeling a lot like what we have been saying recently is just the truth. We feel devastated but not confused about what is and isn't real. Well a lot less anyway.

She came back later with a wee bit we gave her money for by doing that thing where you pay by switch then immediately take the cash out the machine. We found £4:50 in change and went and got some beers while we waited for her to come back and shared them with her when she got here. We did a decent amount of kitchen cleaning and washing, made curry, it is Sunday after all and played a few minutes of toilet roll bowling on the stairs with lad, had a long shower and are in our clean new bedding thinking we are doing well as well as bad, still really bad all the time but at least we know why.

We have lit lots of candles and didn't look to long about the twin fairies on the shelf but we propped up one of poems that had slipped over as we hid them with candles. Lost our resin fairy to the wind, we should of never of put her up so high but she was in the sitting position and we wanted to see her from the kitchen window. We are glad we are in a place where something like that is a wee disapointing and not the cause of massive internal awfulness over what it means and what is means that we are thinking and feeling that it means something because we generally don't believe in crap like that.

We have another one already on the way actually and think this one actually might be made of metal and is standing so she will be fine. We still have parts repeating abuser instructions about what means to and it bugs but doesn't crumple us.

The lad was very happy with the new bedding yesterday and we were happy to see that and chuck the hold stuff in the bin it did help cheer him up after we demanded the xbox after feeding him and then having to tell him to go to his room with his DS because he wouldn't stop talking are we were struggling and need the game fill our head with pretty interesting fiction for a while and there is much telly is going to give us that. We have three built houses now but lots of work to do on the interiors and still have to move the kids to the one. They are in Markarth now, the girl loves the dogs and the museum but the boy hates it because it is all made of stone and there is no where to play.. We have got a dog and have left it at the house with the bedrooms and the kitchen and the trophy room.. its so cool.. its a shame there isn't more options with the interiors though. Love the kitchen.. Am in the process of sorting out an armory in one of them and we are going to love that we do love armour manikins.. Got a full carved Nord set recently it is bloody stunning..Still haven't gotten married, still checking our options, many butch women in sexy armours to choose from..

Taking a break from it tonight we were late last night with it and he's at school tomorrow so imagine we will hit pretty early tomorrow morning.. Ohh what quest to do.. are we ready for the Thalmour embassy job it would be good to have it done but its bloody scary and we have always attempted it with all the wrong gear and wrong skills when we have previously played but we have been stocking up on sneaking Eleven armour and picking pocketing stuff so maybe its.. time. We can always run back to an earlier safe is it all goes to shit anyway. The Solitude abode.. oh my we remember it being really expensive to buy and do up and we have been spending tonnes on all the new houses but wow.. Markath to.. the whole wondering about in art work thing in Skyrim just amazing.. Markarth is just amazing but still not any easier to find our way around what with all the stairs but its even more stunninger, especially after we cleaned the TV screen..


Love you babies..