June 05, 2017

You don't own them

Oh dear.

We are almost out of hash, have less than a quid in change, its a year on, its June we are alone in Scotland, there is the election, the Comey interview and this skint week.

Oh fuck.

At least we know we are able to get the kid to school and he will probably definitely wont die or be  attacked horrificly just the normal bullied by kids and not tolerated much by some adults of course.. And we will probably not become to ill to hide and be well distracted by Skyrim. Still though even with lots of support this would be a difficult week. I hate that children have to be publicly blown up and confirmed by MSM as such for this culture to give a fuck about them. Hate that people see the solution to kids being being bombed is arming the people who would protect their rapists. That is so fucking sick.

We done well the past few days though. We forced the lad to weed the front because of tude and then ended up finishing it ourself, chucking rubbish in the shed and half filling the compost wheely with weeds. Our new duvet and sheets came and were washed and dried, we tidied up our room and did a big dent in the washing pile that had built up because we were enjoying a garden without the washing too much. Made korma with the Pataks jar that comes with a seperate spice tub yesterday and it went down really well, Sunday was agreed as being curry day. The beef that was defrosted along with the single chicken breast for the korma has little chance of getting stewed today. Thankfully there is some kind of frozen ovenable potato product, tin of tune and mayo though. Or we would of had to or felt we had to deal with red meat hours ago and that would of been awful.

Can we just say because we feel it might help us a little that we really hate you. All of you. But we need that hate to stop us from releasing or remembering more specifics about the next couple of weeks anyway. We have being brought back to the bedroom in Skene. They had taken the kid of us and made sure we knew we would be getting no help from them when it came to avoiding or anything to do with further pregnancies and babies and had made us help Comey with the public interview because he's an op victim that wouldn't know what was appropriate and what wasn't to say if they someone doesn't give them very specific words and instructions. They had our keys and were working them pretty well. That means we couldn't manage our own dissociation but they could. It started and ended with the worst of the Scots and English abuser plants in the police. Big part of why we know we never have and never would agree to live here the only power they have is over vulnerable children that no one can or would help. That's their magical awesome omnipotent power that they have and have always had over me, the torture of children in their care or vulnerable. That's why we are alone and that is why we are skint.

Fuck. You. Earth.

To fucking choose to maintain, protect and reproduce that kind of hierarchy when alternatives have be presented and are real and possible is just unforgivable. We do wish you could all have your eye balls melted and then never feel any fear or greed again but we would miss the trees and birds and flowers. Of course we know there are other trees and birds and flowers we documented some of it and even put them where there are in some places but still it would be such a waste when the real problem is a handful of evil fucks. And the mass programming and cultural conditioning that they had created though we would asked the best way to deal with that. Usually the answer was something along the lines of have no idea but not literal mass area scorched everything yet and getting rid of the forces that were between ourself and the handful of evil fucks which was funnily enough often whoever was asking the questions.

Gawd. Need drugs. Lotsa them. Need to not know what day it is, of what week of what year. To not know where or who I am or how I got here.. Bliss..