June 11, 2017

So much for curry day..

My God when we eventually scored... Last Summer.. Man. Tonnes in loads of detail and coherent. Just amazing. Pabs had his shower and sent to bed with a bowl of ice cream, strawberrries and sweets and another owl with Pringles in it so he isn't complaining too loudly of neglect. I'm in bed with the rest of the Pringles and the glass or two of pink and a blueberry muffin.

We fucking did it. "We'll get the mini one down first then the other one." And thats what happened. We have already written about the mini one.

We had made the decision about lowering it slowly for lots of reasons. So as many people would know and get there in time to see it destroyed and know it was happening. If we dropped it and destroyed it quickly we wouldn't be able process what had just happened never mind anyone else.  There was no way around it being completly utterly overwhelming but we had to do whatever we could to manage that in anyway we could and of course if people didn't know it was gone it might as well still be there.

When we had got down to details about it, years before planning the glow sticks for when it blocked out the sun and might as well turn it into a rave and Christ keeps of us are gonna need watching for accidental overdosing..

We felt the eye agony in the dumbfucks who didn't have the sense to do what we did and cover their eyes. Some of course were not expecting it. They were evil fucks who were there to make sure we reprogrammed and rearmed it. Thinking about it know I've no idea how long the rounds and sounds of carnage and the slaughter in the near distance lasted but the peace in the eye of the storm was so wonderful we didn't want it to end. We let ourself dissociated, we let ourself be terrified knowing it would just gave way to curiosity. It had occurred, that there will be vomit. A lot of it. But we were not prepared for the sight when our eyes where open and adjusted. All lot of vomit. A lot of tears. A lot of freedom screams. A lot of shaking and a squished odd shape of tangled metal and debris in the centre, about the size of a truck. Everyone just dropping. We were down there already for a reason ffs..

Seeing fucking everyone again. All the "Okay folks. Last fucking time." Desperately trying to say hydrated then giving up and just getting wasted. There was a lot of tears. And vomit. And blood but it wasn't mine. Final mass surgergies on injured babies. Final "places people".  Handing the running of the hospital over to the patients and keeping the fascist staff tied up then escorted of site when their shift ended. Can't say I didn't avoid as much as possible from the higher security wards after all we knew our records for the patients and the staff and it was pretty fucking clear who should be locked up for being a danger to themselves or other people.. We stayed out of the hand over back to. We had to survive our own hand over. There was obviously no consent from anyone on our side for that to happen. Last time for giving our absolute physical all to the rest of the world to come back here for this shit.

Before the weed we remember the police guy who pushed his way in being brought to us as we crossed the field and didn't bother with any questions. He just had to die, regardless of the how or the what. We arn't sure though, of course its a memory involving Scottish police we can never be sure but we remember his colleagues walking in the ward and asking about him and us saying their wasn't going to be any more warnings, or briefings, sharing or any doubts of any kind when it came to themselves, behaviour like that and ourself.  They just turned and left. He wasn't alone of course that day but the women with him were women from social work and the school so we knew getting near them would be impossible because they had scripted roles over the last year and into the future. Don't know when Pablo's new social worker is going to ask to see us but the chances of her not having a face that is familiar as fuck is zero.

The ward had gone dead quiet when they walked in. We could hear crying from all directions including ourself once they left.

We are far to lefty to use the Soviet to describe something that does that to people. It was invented to curb the Soviets by rich Fascists and Supremacists from lots of places then it was taken back home to the British Isles and Ireland and then it went fully corporate for a while.

It's starting to look less cooperate know and more like what it is, hate and fear.

It's impossible to be as scared when you know the sky monsters and the lots of the people who wanted them are gone. It's also impossible to tell a complex DID system that its much safer know and expect them to believe it over night or a complex system of millions of DID systems all set up to trigger and keep each struggling of course either..