June 03, 2017

heard it through bass line

Good rain. We got the new duvet cover in in time and wont have to water the borders. Feeling quite messed up after last post. We probably knew we would of but it what we do with this blog is consciously and unconsciously go down a list of stuff we were repeatedly tortured and told not to ever share in any way. There is fuck all else for us to do. Without much in the way of large scale overarching denials still functioning "going somewhere" is fucking laughable for so so reasons. Other things to that in previous years we would write about wishing we could do and at least wished we wanted to do just doesn't seem like something we would want to do. There is very little written than could help us that we haven't already read and doing anything that that helps us involves enormous amounts of efforts to get past the Pavlovian fucking programming.

OMD. In the club. Bruises still yellow and pale blue. Dancing my ass off. Hugs. Weeping. Questions from others we couldn't answer so people kept them away. Outside afterwards there is shit load of people. Someone persuades us to get higher and see how big the crowd is. It's fucking massive and all ages and types. We said thanks. And sorry getting hurt so much. And that things were really really want and we didn't know if and when they would get any better. And to not vote Tory. Ever.

Nut. Bush. City. Limits.


Got past the Slits ban. Through the Grape Vine. Those hospital grounds were made for that bass line. Another one of those endless times when tonnes of evil fucker are convinced we are about to murdered by them and we end up being much much more committed to living and fighting.


Well coz.

wheels are coming off now..