Does it look like he's helping us?

Ug. Really struggling to be a mummy. It hurts so much and is so exhausting just to try and make my voice sound mumsy. We showed as many people we could about how they program kids to act around us and how they program us to be triggered by that which was not many. We felt bad about how much we needed to see our Mum and Gran see it just so we could see the fury that would rise in them. We needed to know someone would be holding on to that specific fury because it was too much for us. We needed them to know how hard and specifically our ability to parent Pablo or any of them was being hit because we was impossible or pointless to get people to understand or to help down here. Must of got it out to more peoples last year though. "You know those people that were showing you tapes to prove I was safe in Scotland? Well here is what they were actually doing. Now have seen that are you still take their word over mine? Then you will be escorted off site.."

Fed us and him though.. woo hoo.. and the honey suckle and the rose..

It's ridiculous when not so dissociated we can't here them saying they have been forced to support rapists and nuclear war enthusiasts to protect themselves from rape and nuclear war.  
"Hang on.." Someone said. "Are you saying that if there is a nuclear war you will be protected because you are loyal Masons?" There was a few sharp intakes of air and human noises from various people. The accused gave an affirmative grunt and quick nod. There was a moment of silence before an outburst of expletives and raucous laughter. 

When it had died down a bit we confirmed it and added that it was the same with the rape. That they had them in states of denial where they believed they were protected from it to. I could feel the relief then in those that were not so convinced that the loyal Masons wouldn't be protected from nukes because they knew they weren't being protected from rape either. We were wary of how we were feeling but we weren't up for walking away just yet either. We looked at him, flushed and indignant and asked him how and why they would protect him but he just started spitting out the usual offensive bull shit so we talked away there were many much much better people around to be talking to. Poor fucked up victim. 

How could he be helping us behind the scenes.. this is behind the scenes he's not here helping.. Rulers are made to order numbnuts it's DID and he's not trying to help himself he still protecting his abusers the very definition of "useless"..

Of course I fucking tried. What the fuck have you done ever to stop horrific shit from happening? Anything ever? And no looking the other way and doing what your told because you were told it would be worse if you didn't does not fucking count.

That was earlier and to a different prick than the magical anti nuke protection for Masons only conversation. But it ended the same way with the supremacist tool just defaulting to verbal abuse whenever challenged.

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