June 07, 2017

Had shower and climbed back in our lovely soft bed. We managed to phone Niall and he's put money in our account but can't get any supplies. We managed about two minutes of CNN but can't escape the seeing and knowing they are crappy people speaking crap. It was State of the Nation though and that is particularly crappy, were gonna talk politics and have a whole lotta fun like none of it really matters because it doesn't to them. Their comfy, they have distractions, they have health care and well paid careers that Trumpism is making more interesting while people are dying and losing hope and opportunities everywhere.  Seem here with Mayday and the rotten rotten Tories and their Blairite mates. At least there is more political opposition  to all the blatant class war and scapegoating but the rotten rotten press is as rotten as it ever was.

We will probs vote tomorrow its something to do, there doesn't seem to be too much programming stopping us, plenty programming stopping us from doing just about anything else though, phone still fucked still paying more for it and Sky than we need to be but feel sick at thought of dealing with it, bastards. When Niall was down he talked about how easy it was for him to have a conversation over the phone with Sky.. Wish we could do stuff like that.