March 15, 2016

They've done it to everyone Laura including you..

Someone asked us last year to write about the Todd's keeping people in darken rooms and constantly raping them, starvation and ear plugs often to sensory depravation and torture to get someone to give up on whoever they were before so they can tell you what you are know  They talked about it in the Glen and where still doing it 30 years later. They did it to adults, children and animals. We remember one time getting out of the room in Charleston and begging Beth for help. She did the whole there is nothing she could do about it enabler line, her sister did the same. Another time we were pulled out of there with a very extended stomach and prepubescent, we weren't pregnant.

We remember the police saying no one was going to believe it and it clicking with them why we wanted everything filmed all the time. We don't remember what happened after but we think we got to recover out of the UK before being brought back. Everything as it was.

Laura would pass on the line that it was just they did it to sometimes when they were doing it to others at the same time as me. One thing is for certain for all the time spent there being kept like that not once did we regret burning that book. Whenever Elaine or Jacqui or anyone else started saying we were going back to that we didn't believe it. Too many of the people who worked with us when we were younger have found us again and we know too much about what we are capable of.

It was all hooked up to wider trafficking and experiments and favour systems of course but they liked to pretend they were in charge especially here in Scotland but we knew what their famous powerful contacts were doing to them because they were doing it to us and in front of us. They would laugh at us for turning down cash we didn't want and knew would all or mostly taken off them again. It would get quiet and pissed off at the injustice when that happened.. Women traffickers would tell us not to hate them they were victims and couldn't help it. They said that about all abusers but never about anyone who fought back or hurt people trying to get out.