March 25, 2016

Cycle of life Saturday?

Slaughter Sunday?

You won't be able to get over the loss of your bairns at Easter that's what it will all be about for you.
We feel like that all the time anyway.
Yeah but it will be worse at Easter.
*furrowed brow*

This lot, part of the overlapping rings that are protected nationally and internationally, were are about finding out as much as they could about victims through speaking to people, talking to their other abusers, watching them and interrogation during torture and abuse aimed at accessing parts so they gave information about the rest of the victim's DID system whilst trying to keep victims amnesiac of the methods they used to get the info.

When we were back in a place were we could we couldn't stop ourself wondering if it was an IQ thing, why it had worked on them and not on me. We learned to anything but essential thinking when its ongoing the dissociation and parts that leads to are a nightmare to engage with after. Especially don't want to be wondering about IQs and selection because that leads to the even bigger scale stuff that has happened.

They wanted to estrange you from your values from your identification with yourself. To take any pleasure out of life and make every moment of every day in terms of your internal thinking and feeling and the things you do and all your relationships reminders of your slave state.

It worked a bit.

Where does one begin to deconstruct who one feels about Easter when one has comprehensive experience of the ritual abuse scenes? Well one doesn't when still hasn't gotten out of the reach of the authoritarian state controlled aspects of it..