March 05, 2016

Hello Family,

Saturday. No School run. Or school preparation. Or missing him in the crowd after the bell went because he's a slow walker and we stopped leaving early so we waited for ages then scurrying home to find him waiting at the door when we really have cut off the vast majority of our ring connections and of course we have been told lots that they will kill the dude. Our flesh didn't freak out to too much it was more concerned with our fitness level. Mind went there briefly though. As minds do.

We are letting some of the emotions towards Jacqui flow. There's a lot of hate, lot of kind of disgusted confusion, little sense that the good she did for us was anything other than essential to maintain some professional validity i.e. grooming, a fear in some littles silent rage in others. Shrinks supporting trafficking rings are not helpful. Remember we wrote about her meeting with other RA therapists, how many cases over how many years, she was always in out of court, writing letters as a trusted professional, her work with offenders in prison. Awful. And utterly in keeping with our life here and something they told us about to undermine us when we first started being brought here. It was after that was up for grabs. Because everything and everyone is so locked down and on rails here.

Today? We put the first coat of gloss on the window sill and used the same paint to bring out the edging above the doors then came back to bed, rolled another and wrote this. Now we are going to help the dude with HD Zelda. He has eaten pizza. I have eaten a biscuit and gabapentin as prescribed. And tea.

Moar tea.