March 29, 2016



How we should behave while we are here. It comes from us being someone who wants to do things well if we are going to do them at all but we when taken here surrounded by people who do so much harm we can't be like that so we can't be at all. On top of that came the attempts to turn that thoroughness for themselves which we couldn't do they settled for focusing on bringing our the inferiority complex because we can't live up to our potential and did successfully force on us a part that wants to put all that drive into keeping our head down and basically doing what we are told within certain limits.

It really seems to worry them that those parts knew they were part of a system and they would call in help. We would pretend we we were parts we weren't some times to stop that but it wasn't always possible particularly during the times they keep us chained up for months.

She probably thinks she gave away more than she did. The whole cult of abuse is based on believing in torture as being a much better interrogation method than it is and the rest was about getting you to repeat things until they seemed real and are real if you are amnesiac of how you started believing them.

We are avoiding the issues..


Neat clean tidy 1950s housewife 1950s middle class man. Gender as natural - she knows what the rest of us know about that but got programmed she's still holding onto the traumas and telling us it relates a lot to Jacqui. She is to anxious for us to tell if she is trying to warn us or is just feeling what has happened, they made parts that don't work well together be stuck and always triggered by the other one. So miss neat and tidy and keep quiet are accompanied by fucking destroy it all and paranoias of doing awful inappropriate things just like we saw. That we were a do as we saw monkey.

Then the parts that were chained up and we feel the untreated injuries and exggeration of the injuries and the threats of exaggerating the injuries. Usually to or accessed vaginally, annaly or both. The prim and proper and nice parts are of course in danger of falling to pieces at being emersed in that. So the orders are to keep them up front causing paralysing anxiety throughout the system.