March 22, 2016

All scum and no pond

Its gonna be clear to some why there has been so much focus on Jacqui and what she said would happen to us the recent future. Her job was to to reinforce earlier stuff. Stuff that we starting to see without either feeling nothing but terror or nothing all.

They did lots of fake memory stuff. We see the lesser of the evils. What might of happened if whatever happened hadn't happened. What would school of been like today if you had gone, you were older than you are not in agony and not pregnant. If you let him into your fault and he had raped you what would that of been like? If you had let them into your flat and they didn't rape you what would that be like. Its a bit more complicated cause they are trying to play parts within a persons system against each other. Just like they do with children and adults. If you don't do this we will do that to them. So also not complicated. Its just that if you don't understand what DID is or how it used in extreme abuse cultures then trying to describe any aspect of human programming sounds ridiculous.

There was a handful of them. Very British upper middle class.

Greed, short-term if 1 thought we were weren't being fully exploited then they would try and go behind each others backs. They generally worked it out. The rape was always very violent they would try out the other kinds of programming based on producing automatic behaviors. They best they would get from us would be us pretending. They weren't the types to be drinking and taking lots of drugs with lots of deffernt ppl there everytime . they would say much just comments to each other or the instructions. One of them what call me a dog and lots of inferior type talk before he came.  The rest usually were silent. There was on older generation training a younger one up. The ranks and hiarchies where strictly and literally adhered meaning they were all raping each other. I was kept in compound type places. There was military vehicles, big fences big tin buildings, mud, rifles .. So we figured it was probably military. They would be present in Skene of course and other places.

Other than the rape and the filming of the rape, and murders and setting up of footage to make fake tapes a lot of it was about forcing us to live the fake ID and to make it as unsurvivable existence as possible by controlling our cognitive and emotional responses