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0238 Its paid. Money went in, used the card reader slowly carefully as calmly as possible didn't fuck it up and off the money went. And there is enough left to eat and have electric and gas this next week even if the loan doesn't get in. Yes train line I may have another sore throat and bags under my eyes that look like I have recently had my nose broken but I am indeed mother fucking ready. Unless I fall asleep then when I wake up I will indeed not feel motherfucking ready for anything. Awful rapey nightmares again when we slept earlier but me and a few other woman were helping each other. The cute racist Italian chick from Orange keeps turning up and being a good pal and neighbour in dreams recently, shes not racist in our dreams. Will still manage to get rolls, juice, ham, cheese, lecky , crisps either way. And shower better shower.. And wake up Pablo and get cash out for taxi. Okay maybe there won't be quite enough cash to do us the whole week but that's alright the loan is unlikely to take another whole week its already been a few working days. We're getting the literal keys to a literal new better life today. Hope its not raining so we can take a little walk to. Seen the sea and never walked down to it last time gotta do something about that if health, weather and energy permit.

Hope we stick to our offer of inviting the agent up to see our Xmas deco once it's up. The other place we saw was all modern and our shabby chic addiction wouldn't of fitted in right not like it will in this place. Would be nice to walk into full fitted kitchen though of course, dishwasher and all but we didnt think much of the immediate surroundings there, where we got is actually more "central" but looks likes its gona be dead quiet, docs close to. Oh thank fuck. Probs best hold back on the shabby chic once the loan gets in the clearance guys and the new cooker will take a fair chunk and we will have to be paying the rent ourself since housing benefit is no more there and universal credit is a travesty of carnage and stress and will take ages to sort. There is the deposit for here though.. New keys in my support braced paws.. Plenty time to recover from today and get back to sorting here. Oh joy.


I'm so fucking tired, surely the tiny lapses into almost sleep on the trains home won't stop me from a good bunch of hours, all in a row.. Not a cloud in the sky and cold but not freezing wished we had it in us to wonder down to shore but were to tired and besides plenty time for all that. We got the keys. We signed and initialed all the everything. We are officially getting out of here. Fair bit of thinking and discussions about rooms, really wanting to get him to understand I want him to work for the big one, voluntarily. I want the one with fire place we are not allowed to use anyway. We can stick the tumbled drier in his room and a small dinning table in mine. But now I drink wine and hopefully sleep well or at least sleep. It is very cute and warm.. I need sleep. Real sleep. Just feel so little and overwhelmed at everything that needs to be done and I miss the pusses.

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