Good luck pusses

She came for them this morning. Changed Princess's name to the masculine version, said well done for getting them neutered and getting the cool cat box. Then drove off them in cages. Last night we washed the favorite blanket twice tumbled it and cut it in two. So they will have that. Powered them to. Bought some of their favourite cat food to. And now the annoying, flea ridden, needy pain in the ass furrballs  are gone I'm a weepy triggered achey chain smoking mess. Like we said to the lad, it is gonna be worth it when we are in and settled. Its not I felt like I was taking proper care of them. We were still buying food I would run out of food sometimes, they are not vaccinated or chipped and we got really upset about having to care for them and them scratching at fleas. Seems to have brought up thoughts of Laura/Martha etc and fears something will go wrong and we won't get the place we love, or we will but they won't extend the lease and we will have to find somewhere else that accepts housing benefit and we don't like as much, or at all.

Glad the actual physical move isn't next week now. Still lots to do and we will get the keys next week. Its is going to be okay but its also okay to be really sad about the cats, about Laura, about Margo, about how badly we have been treated by so many and everything else right now. Kinda how bad it's been 2013 until now. We think we can't believe how long we have been here and have been writing different years of all the forms. It's more than three anyway. Feels like some very lost years. We've been so ill, so much in harms way and so without emotional and physical support. There is no way we will not feel different and better somewhere else. Right now though we really need someone to prepare food for us coz we are hungry but can't cook yet. Hopefully later we will manage. Its Friday. Things can happen later.

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