Hunger, generally not helpful.

Got a full tummy and baccy for afters today, tomorrow is looking tricky though. Think there is enough pennies left for bread and got butter yesterday. Nothing left to make meals with though and its unlikely the loan is gonna appear over the weekend. Could sell some DVDs but buses on a Sunday are shit and I think the ones that might be worth selling the Captain Jack box set may have been packed. May have to unpack it. Should still have some of the edible sponge I made with the last egg left for breakfast or lunch rather as both our hours have once again swung back to friggin nocturnal.

Wept with relief when we saw the UC said "case closed" kinda shows the nick we are in and maybe its was seriously premature relief weeping as maybe my other benefits have already stopped along with the loan. Just because we are catastrophicing doesnt mean it hasn't happened... Been some moments of quiet gladness to as well with some concern over how the hell one does Christmas when in between benefit systems we are going to have to speak to someone. We don't want speak to someone someones are cold are scary and might not know or tell the truth anyway.

For now we have tea and cake and baccy and are warm and less sore because the food has us feeling stronger. Best mentally prepare ourself and the lad for town tomorrow though. We are in no state to just go hungry and our lungs are bad enough without bin baccy. It will be worth it when we are out of here and we are not giving ourself too hard a time for spending money on wine to get us to sleep, calm the fuck down or carry outs when couldn't cook. Its just a shame and bastarding unfair shit is like this.

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