See.. Gorgeous.

Had a go at the kitchen today.. Its really really small gonna take a while and a fair bit of creativity to work it. But also of course a hell of a lot easier to keep clean. Dude's room is pretty excellent he's dead chuffed especially as we sorted it out enough for so it can be walked around in, computer set up and stuff.

Gutted about the balcony planters and the pink clematis..

Ventured out to the nearest shop for micro food and munchies it's huge, cheap and sells absolutely everything. Very handy a hell of a lot better than wee shops and their prices. Back in bed now though. Damn sore. The no cooker diet will not be helping. Haven't heard anything about the deposit yet but think we gotta just do it next week and order one which is gonna give us even less space. Our pretty metal microwave holder thing with the flowers on it is in the place where the cooker would go and there is no where else to put it. Kind of a shame.

Checking out the school tomorrow. And we gotta make a start on this..

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