Not bad not bad. Just little bits and pieces and rubbish left. There will indeed be just enough for us really make our new smoking area feel like home. Had one earlier on to. It helped us stop feeling like there was too much do we have to do it all but we’re too tired to do any of it. We cant leave it spotless, it’s too big and im too little. Lad been doing not bad. No way we could of handled all of those trips to the charity shop. No way. Think he has given them my trainers by accident though thankfully i have other heavier walking type shoes coz i dont fancy wearing heels.

Worst bit physically was taking a box up to the post office for up the road. With lots of books in it. Few of Lauras things, photos and stuff. Seriously back hurting but great to not have so much of her stuff knowing the kids don’t have much and knowing no one else is going to do anything about it. Really glad we opened that tin of creamy coloured garden paint and freshened up a few of fancy decor for the kids and us. Glad i stop myself from doing more of it to.

Lads are gonna be round really early tomorrow. I will hand in the keys and we will get the direct train, one way.

Took two zoplicone early but both of us were awake and active early, 8 am and if stay i stay awake i will start doing some shit when we need to be resting. Rain is belting outside, we had a deep hot bath. Its so nice to be physically comfortable and not be horribly stressed. So glad we are leaving here. Wish we had some help.

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