So we’re here then... ten to five but it feels, sounds  and looks like 2145
Quite tired. Glad i left that daft wee bit, pulled one of our chairs up the backs and it helped keep me out the wind. So glad, so stressful and lots more exhausting ness to go but so glad.
We are somewhere where we dont really want to not be. This morning feels so long ago. We handled it, we arranged it, we waited on hold for the dwp to answer to find out where our esa was while packing. We hear the chuch bells. Wish we hadnt had to do it all on own it takes so much from uou, havinh to do everything on your own. Wind is fairly whistling not sure how bad it is or how much  its just a whistley place...

We both crashed out about 6pm i of course woke up again about 2 hours later, hes still sound. Was pretty cynical about wether or not the milk was packed and if i could find it. Oh the joys of discovering it in a bin. Very serious joy.

Gonna be surving on micro meals for a while has we cant afford a cooker yet. Dont know where the hell we are going to put the microwave.. or the kettle when we do get one anyway its that tiny a kitchen. Dont care much though, so glad to be somewhere with character. We were right about the dresser and the fireplace tiles looking wonderful together. Its all pretty wonderful. But there is so much to do, other than buying food our priorities tomorrow are phoning lecky company, setting up xbox, phoning back school and probably a fair bit of standing in the kitchen not knowing what the fuck to do with it. Put stuff in drawers. We can handle that..

Lot of stuff got left coz of having to leave the guys to catch a train that was an hour late anyway. My friggin mirror, its not really needed but bugging because we bought it. Loads of garden stuff, like all the planters bar one. And my house plants, the succulent i got in Glasgow, Laura’s peace lilly and a spider plant. :-( Fair bit of mess left. Landlord asked if we managed to redecorate..

We are so chuffed even though we have too way too much to do.

Wednesday 0109

Very little got done today. Obviously. Perfect misrable weather outside for the day after a flit when your too knackered to do a damn thing anyway. Thank fuck we found that milk, ill at the thought of having to go outside and negotiate people and unfamiliar shops. Familiar ones are bad enough. Fair bit of sleeping. Answering the door for deliveries, not so wise ordering non essentials but it made us feel better. Engineer for the broadband but it still isn’t working.   Thinking tomorrow we will be a bit more up for getting a few things done. Dude was in charge of packing tech and there is no sign of the power cables for the xbox or one or the Wii. They may turn up or maybe not and we will have to buy some and not just for him either its very close to xmas movie time. Im gonna have to find his advent calendar.

Was really wanting to show you the art deco plates on the doors but it will have to wait until there is broadband. They are very pretty. There is coving to, not fancy stuff but still love it. No probs with the storage heaters so far all nice and cozy.

After delivery food and the wine we got for first night but only had a glass of, sitting outside at the top of our stairs out the wind, smoking the last of the twiggy weed, there is enough room for one of our chairs which is pretty cool.  Didnt want to going out into the street in our jammies to smoke in any weather. Anyway we crashed out on the couch, lad tried to keep us awake he was playing and wanted our involvement but it wasn’t happening so he brought us a pillow instead. Hes a darling. Fucking nightmates though.. sweat levels got us to try out the shower and look for clean jammies both successful..

Been quite sore but the painkillers are helping and adding to number of smiles and happy sighs. Asthma is pretty bad as well probs with all the moving dust. Dude has a sore spot in his mouth, i used to get them as a kid. Will try remember to get him some bonjella tomorrow. Theres been littles around we didn’t expect to be so forward so quickly. It was and is cool but has helped us remember how seriously important it is for us to pace ourself and not focus on stuff we haven’t done yet but think we should or all the benefit stress. Its okay to feel okay.. thats gonna take some getting used to not that i need to worry about that at the moment when there is so much that needs doin.

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